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August Carfagna (1912-1958)
Josephine Harkabuzick (1913-1991)

Mom and Dad had four children: Carl, Loretta, James, and Thomas.

Dad was one of the finest musicians in the area. He played the clarinet better than Benny Goodman. He played in many big bands. I remember when he played with Angie Sgro's band and would get picked up in a big bus at Trankeen's store in Dunningtown. Dad also worked in the coal mines and at the Elliott Company. He worked very hard and did many good things in his short life. He passed away on Easter Sunday, April 6, 1958 after a long battle with cancer.

Mom died December 9, 1991 after a battle with breast cancer. On Oct. 15, 1986 she had a stroke and was paralyzed. That was a very sad and hard time in our family. She was in a nursing home for a long time and although it was a very bad time in our life, I believe I learned more about what good health means than anything in the world.

Mom and I had our ups and downs from 1958 when dad passed away. But in the end, there was nothing I wouldn't do to comfort her. Both our parents are sadly missed by all of us.

by Loretta Thatcher

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