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Minnie Carfang (1909- )
Francesco Rossetti (1909-1944)

On April 29, 1935, Frank and Minnie Rossetti were married and had two boys, Ettore and Herman. They had five grandchildren.

Frank was born in Italy and Minnie was born in Turtle Creek, Pa. They moved to Dunningtown when Minnie was one year old. When they got married they moved to Smithdale.

Frank was hurt in the Smithdale Coal mine and died at the age of 33. Ettore was l0 years old and Herman was seven years old.

The main thing that I can remember was the spaghetti sauce cooking on the coal stove. It tasted so good. I guess it cooked slowly and that's what made it taste so good. I can also remember when Mom made bread. That was good, too. She would fry some of the dough in a skillet - like donuts - it was delicious.

There is only one more thing, I am going to tell you is when Aunt Sadie and Aunt Minnie lived in Smithdale. They would go to each other's house and Spring clean and help each other, which I thought was very nice.

They would have been celebrating their 60th Anniversary, if Frank would have lived.

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