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Anne Carfang (1904-1995)
Giovanni Chiaraluna (1902-1978)

There were five children in our family; Plutchie, Second, Jennie, Florence, and Angelo. Second passed away when he was just a baby.

We can remember when we lived in Smithdale. Mom and her two sisters, Sadie and Minnie, always did their spring house cleaning together in the month of May and it was always done before Memorial Day.

Another memory was when the three sisters would bake 19 lemon meringue and two chocolate pies twice a year. That was a big treat for us kids because we never had too many sweets in those days.

Pap worked at Smithdale Ocean 5 Coal Mine, where he worked very hard for 27 years. We remember when his shift was over, we would go and wait for him at the train station to take turns carrying his lunch bucket home.

Mom was very quiet and never raised her voice; but we knew when she was mad, she wouldn't talk at all.

Mom always made sure we had a happy home.

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