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Rose Carfang (1901-1947)
Francesco Assunto Palmieri (1894-1946)

Our family consisted of three children: Lawrence ("Polly"), John, and Mary.

Dad was a coal miner most of his life, then worked at Westinghouse for the last few years of his life. He was always a hard working man. He made large gardens, hauled coal from the railroad tracks, and also hauled a lot of railroad ties. He always made sure the "boys" were along on these jobs.

Dad was a man of many moods. Mom referred to his moods as "the changing of the moon". That's when he would go to the cellar or out under the porch and chop wood (one of his pastimes).

Many of the memories of my mother have her in the kitchen. She made the best chocolate cakes and lemon pies. Although I try hard, I still can't duplicate hers exactly. "Rosie" was a witty person and lots of fun. She, too, was a hard worker. I can still remember coming home from school at lunchtime and sitting down to a bowl of fried dough with dark Kayro syrup. Sometimes lunch was a big bowl of tomato salad with fresh homemade bread.

My fondest memory was the music in our house. Dad was proud of the boys and their music. Every Sunday morning bright and early (much to the neighbors' complaints), the three of them played for hours. If the brothers were here, I'm sure they would talk about the little taps on the head with Dad's miniature baton when they hit a bad note, or for a little praise when they hit a good one. We still have his little baton.

Dad had a certain whistle he used to call the boys home. Everyone from here to White Valley knew that whistle; when anyone heard it, they made sure to get the message to the boys.

They were good parents - the "no nonsense" kind; nothing mean or rough, just the kind who kept the upper hand on things, and we had a good home life, thanks to them.

Although they never got to know their nine grandchildren, their "gifts" were passed on to them. My dad's gift of music and his respect for good, honest work were passed on. My mother's wit and love of fun, plus her skills in the home (especially in the kitchen) were also passed on. And, so it is that Mom and Dad live on in the current generation.

by Mary Palmieri Clemente

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