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John Carfang (1899-1978)
Adelia Rossetti (1907-1966)

In our family there were two children: Richard (Richie) and Edward (Eddie). We lived in Dunningtown until our teens at which time we moved to Delmont.

Pap worked in the coal mine with his dad (Grandpa) and also his brothers and brothers-in-law. After many years working under the land where we now live, Pap went to work for Westinghouse Corp. at Trafford Foundry. After that, he came to The Pond to work and be with Richie and Eddie.

Mom and Pap made a very happy home for us with very little to come and go on - always with much love for all. They taught us to be kind and respectful. We were always told that to achieve the most, you must work hard. How well they knew.

During the bad days of the mine strike there was a time one of the Coal and Iron Police (George Ulery, I believe) came up on our front porch riding his horse. We were very frightened. Pap, at that time, was very disturbed and told him to get down out of there.

Another thing we remember is when we lived next door to Uncle Sam and Aunt Mayley. Every Saturday morning Richie and I would sit on our back porch shining our shoes. Tony would be on their back porch doing the same thing. Those were happy days!

Another remembrance that sticks in my mind is at times Mom would buy some cubed steak. They would clean the lids on the coal stove, shake on some salt and cook the meat on the hot lids-- the best flavored meat we ever ate.

We remember also how our parents would visit Grandma and Grandpap - usually on a Saturday or Sunday evening. There would be a room full of uncles and aunts and most of all I remember how, for the most part, the children would be sitting on the floor at their parent's feet. Much order and discipline. Great days!

by Eddie Carfang

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