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Susie Carfang (1894-1984)
Giovanni Como (1884-1969)

Mom and Pop were very proud of their nine children. The first six were born in Southwest Pennsylvania and the last three were born in New York City.

Mom always told us stories of her home and life in Pennsylvania and she also told us about the Grandma and Grandpa we didn't know.

When her son Johnny died in 1939, Mom was devastated. A surprise visit by our Uncles Frank, Angelo, August, and Cousin Larry Palmieri helped her through a bad time.

I remember Pop loved to read and listen to Opera music. He did not like sports. However, Mom loved baseball - especially the New York Yankees. However, when the Yankees lost the World Series to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1960, Mom told us it was because she cheered for Pittsburgh. She never forgot her roots.

by Flip Knipschild

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