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Genealogy of families originating from the Abruzzo / Molise regions of Italy.    We invite you to join the project.

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The Lettopalena - Rocca Pia - Abruzzo Project, began in 2001 with a small group of enthusiasts researching our roots in Abruzzo. Our ancestors hailed from the Italian villages of Lettopalena, Chieti and Rocca Pia, L'Aquila. We enjoy its history, its culture and travel.

The group quickly grew into a site for the entire Abruzzo region. Dozens of individuals on four continents contributed data for the site. We hope that everyone with an interest in Italy and Italian geneaology enjoy this site and find it useful in researching relatives and ancestors.

Many of the surnames in the first phase of the Abruzzo Project originated in Lettopalena, Palena, Rocca Pia, Riccia, Campobasso, Sulmona and other parts of Abruzzo, especially the provinces of Chieti and L'Aquila. Some of the most common surnames in v26 of the database are:
      -    Martinelli, Palmieri, Rossetti, Campana
      -    Liberatore, Rossi, Presutti, DeVitis
      -    Petrella, D'Amico, Cipriani, Vassalotti
      -    Cavicchia, diBacco, Como, d'Angelo
      -    Falcocchio, Tarantini, D'Aurora, Leone
      -    Carfagna, DiNobile, DiVincenzo, Cima

Many of our ancestors left Italy and settled in cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago. Folks from Abruzzo also settled in Toronto, Ontario, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia and Argentina.

Note: The data contained in these genealogies may be incomplete or include unintentional errors. It should never be considered as validation or proof for any legal, official or genealogical purposes but used as a tool to stimulate further research. For privacy reasons, we do not publish birth dates of individuals we believe are still living.

Genealogy data contact: Tony Carfang
To submit your family data, email: genealogy@carfang.com
Special thanks to Gene Angelcyk for all his assistance.

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